Daniel Svedberg


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Daniel Svedberg

Daniel has extensive technical experience as a developer and software architect for large mission critical systems. He is responsible for designing and developing applications in multi-layered architecture. The solutions put high demands on scalability to handle large volumes of user and usability.

Daniel is creative, versatile and can easily adapt different methodologies and techniques. He has a good ability to understand customer needs and requirements. By his broad knowledge and interest in the problems, he creates solutions that add customer value. Daniel’s persistence and curiosity is a prominent feature of his personality which often appear / are evident in his manner of tackling challenges.

Daniel shoulders often multiple roles in his projects. He works with system architecture, design and development both backend, such as integration between the system and the frontend, which graphical user interface. Daniel is analytical, accurate and efficient in his consulting role. He finds it easy to communicate, both with his colleagues in the project and other stakeholders such as users and management.

Some of Daniels skills

Software Architecture
Java Enterprise Edition
Requirement Analysis
Software Development
Design Patterns
Solution Architecture