Josefin Persson


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Josefin Persson

Josefin has 10 years of experience in systems development projects and understand the entire process from analysis of business logic, requirements management, analysis / design modelling, implementation and testing. With her analytical, structuring capabilities and commitment, she quickly understands the needs and moves the work forward. This makes her very suitable for a variety of roles in the project, both as a leader and mentor.

Josefin has a very well developed communication skill. She easily communicates with anyone regardless of whether it is formal communication via reports and specifications, or if it’s more informal communication.

Josefin is also an experienced teacher and workshop leader. She has held a variety of courses and standard courses in fields such as RUP and UML, and custom, tailor-made courses. Everyone who worked with Josefin describes a person who is very analytical, structured and quality-conscious in her work.

Josefin is a person who you love to have in your team or project.

Some of Josefins skills

Test Management
Information Modelling
Mobile Devices
Business Development
Project Manasgement
Requirement Management