IT informa AB

Visiting Address:
Sankt Lars väg 43

Postal Address:
Box 181
234 23 Lomma

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Ulf Santesson : CEO & Senior Consultant

Ulf Santesson
CEO & Senior Consultant
+46 70 321 38 29

Ulf can take an operative role as project manager or a supporting role as mentor, coach or teacher. He has delivered a number of qualified development projects in different business areas including industry, the judicial system and more.
 As an expert in development methodologies and process improvement he is also an appreciated teacher in both scheduled and internal courses.

Tobias Wallter : CFO & Senior Consultant

Tobias Wallter
CFO & Senior Consultant
+46 70 929 66 66

Tobias works as a project leader, a mentor and a specialist. He works for the development departments and projects developing business support and often mission-critical information systems. Often it's system in combination with a change such as the introduction of new working methods, architectures and tools. Tobias can work either in an operational role or support as a mentor, coach or trainer.

Samuel Persson : CSO & Senior Consultant

Samuel Persson
CSO & Senior Consultant
+46 70 591 19 07

Samuel has a background as a project manager and working with process improvement. He has also worked as an Enterprise Architect and is well suited in roles where there is a need of bridging the gap between IS/IT and the business. Samuel is driven by a strong will to create real business value. As a former member of the board of the Swedish Computer Association it is natural to him to build a professional network with specialists, as a platform to act from.



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