“Quality is created during analysis/development and verified by tests.”



Consultants in different roles e.g.

cropped-flower.png Experienced developers, mainly in java, dotnet and similar programming languages.
cropped-flower.png Solid expertise in developing and managing mission-critical systems in various businesses.
cropped-flower.png System and integration architects with the ability to design and implement business critical solutions.
cropped-flower.png Senior Project Manager that can drive agile development in a structured and professional manner.
cropped-flower.png Deployment Manager with solid experience in deploying large mission-critical systems.
cropped-flower.png Roll Out Mgr with extensive experience in running complex, international Roll-Out project.
cropped-flower.png Configuration Mgr with a knack for setting up and running version and change management in large international projects.
cropped-flower.png Business and requirements analysts who can drive both business modeling, data modeling and requirements work.
cropped-flower.png Test manager with deep experience in test management, test strategies and hands on testing.
cropped-flower.png Experts in various fields such as information security and automated testing.



cropped-flower.png Investigations and studies such as open source solutions and security solutions
cropped-flower.png Development projects
cropped-flower.png Training & mentoring



cropped-flower.png Application management, mission-critical systems, business commitment, SLA, etc.
cropped-flower.png Turnkey solutions for project and process support, including hosting, support and management.

“It’s a lot easier to change things you can see and measure. Working in a glass box is a great thing for both suppliers and customers.”


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